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The PentaCoin Whitepaper

PentaCoin is an ambitious project. 
Relative to current ICOs, MLMs, PentaCoin helps to create a level playing field with great advantages:

PENTACOIN uses a trading bot to get real profits and has capital protection plans to ensure the system will operate smoothly &effectively. Tokenholders will receive interest payments based on the performance of PENTACOIN’s investments, with the payout terms explained in greater depth in the following pages.

Strong technical protection: Technological issues are a priority to protect capital & users from any attack. PENTACOIN can solve these problems confidently.


The PentaCoin, a golden opportunity for investors to get involved in the crypto currency market.

R.O Registered office: 8488 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA E team@thepentacoin.com

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