How to buy coin. know here.

How to Purchase PentaCoin ?

If you are interested to multiply your money, just purchase PentaCoin as following process.

Free Registration

Register at our registration page with all required details, PentaCoin provide you your user id and password

Create Bitcoin Address

Login your Account at our website. Go to Top-up page and click on create bitcoin address. After creating bitcoin address, you can copy the address otherwise you can scan the barcode image.

Transfer to the Bitcoin Address

Just transfer bitcoin to the created bitcoin address and wait for confirmation. It may take maximum 72 hours.

Receive coins from PentaCoin

After confirmation, PentaCoin have to transfer you coin as per running price. You also notify via Email.

Topup your account via Coins.

Just go to Top-up page and click on the topup. Select the numbers of coin to top-up and click on topup button. Instantly you will activated and also notified by email.

The PentaCoin, a golden opportunity for investors to get involved in the crypto currency market.

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