PentaCoin is a company distributing no-financial product designed to help people to get basic knowledge of the blockchain world and its most popular application, crypto currencies.
The flagship product is its own App that uses the mission of a public crypto currency, CNT Future (CNT Future) that provides bounties by assigning coins to those who care for their physical fitness (walking is considered by official medical studies, as indispensable activity), by comparing it with an active green mining formula.
The second product is The Blockchain Information Packs (3 or 12 months) offering an approach suitable for all non-professionals people who prefer a turnkey service rather than DIY (do-it-yourself) on the network. It provides a theoretical section that accompanies the customer throughout the chosen period and a practical section with a facilitated platform named Brutus that can be used for trading any public crypto currency available on the market.
For both products, every relationship and handling of crypto currency is totally external to PentaCoin as it occurs on the free market through third-party, non-PentaCoin exchangers.
The organizational structure of PentaCoin follows the direct sales model and the word of mouth, totally respecting the law of each country in which the company operates. All promoters's earnings come only from the sale of the products to end customers. In order to become part of PentaCoin network, promoters have no cost or fee and any direct purchase of the products is excluded. PentaCoin products can only be purchased by customers, never by promoters. In PentaCoin any payment is in crypto currency.
PentaCoin is open to support and evaluate, for free (no compensation for either company or promoters is ever required), any crypto currency venture that intend to be promoted through bounties or within the scope of charity.

The PentaCoin, a golden opportunity for investors to get involved in the crypto currency market.

R.O Registered office: 8488 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA E team@thepentacoin.com

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